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iMeds for Doctors and Medical Practices

iMeds offers a platform to electronically complete medical insurance reports for most insurers. It provides a quick and easy workflow suitable for a small or larger practice.

Move your practice into the digital age at no cost.

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iMeds for Nurses and Nursing Services

In addition to the medical practice platform, iMeds offers a mobile solution that is ideal for travelling services. There are tools to manage requests and submission to insurers. While capturing, completeness and quality checks highlight errors and prevent rework.

iMeds has been proven to increase efficiency.

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iMeds for Insurance Companies

The quality and legibility of electronic reports significantly reduces the time it takes to underwrite and issue policies. iMeds provides an ideal way to improve the upstream efficiency of your service providers.

iMeds has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your backend systems, giving you the ultimate electronic solution.

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