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At the core, we provide a secure advanced IT solution at your fingertips which enables straight through processing of secure medical data into automated, branded medical reports, minimizing cycle time for the underwriting process.

Our platform enables our crack team of administrators and clinical staff to achieve maximum productivity.

Responsive desktop, tablet & mobile technology

Benefit from a platform that enables the capture and tracking of requests with real-time updates on events and built-in SLA monitoring.

Ensured Privacy, Security, Confidentiality

iMeds is developed with end-to-end encryption, eliminating insecure email, and scanning of paper reports by a network of approved service providers who are registered, contracted, and motivated to provide quality service.

Level 1 BBBEE Compliance

iMeds is proudly South African and committed to transformation. The application was developed in South Africa specifically for the local market.

Our latest monthly
footprint in South Africa

October 2023
We are proud to say iMeds has an extensive user base of registered mobile nurses, general practitioners and pathology labs covering majority of the South African population.

Who we are

iMeds is an acronym for “interactive medicals.” Our application is a free IT solution that enables registered doctors and nurses to securely submit medical reports digitally, directly from the consulting room or place of business to the insurer.

The future is digital. iMeds was designed and developed to improve the experience of underwriting medicals for doctors, intermediaries, and the client. The medical information is delivered instantly into the hands of the underwriters and medical doctors at the insurance company who can make quicker assessments or call for additional requirements.

iMeds is developed and supported by Chouette, an independent technology company based in Cape Town.

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What we do

iMeds effectively bridges the gap between all stakeholders in the underwriting medical process by ensuring a slick and seamless user experience for all involved.

For Travelling Nurses and Nursing Services

Have confidence that confidential medical data is securely recorded during point-of-care testing resulting in straight-through processing, capturing, and exporting of professional medical reports

Effectively manage requests and submissions to insurers with built-in validations and quality checks to reduce any errors and omissions

Benefits include:

  • Prepare your daily cases before leaving home or the office and make use of the tablet app to electronically complete the insurance medical reports while on the go.

  • Work online or offline – As tablets mostly work off 3G connectivity, the application has been designed to work when you are in an area of poor signal and upload cases at a later stage when there is better connectivity.

  • Your own iMeds nurse profile will be automatically pre-populated in the correct place on the forms, saving you time.

  • Capturing errors or omissions are highlighted as you capture so you can correct errors or omissions before leaving the client.

  • Attach a digital ink signature – If required a digital ink signature can be obtained from the client using a stylus and touch screen device.

  • Multiple insurers are catered for in a single application.

For Doctors and Medical Practices

Electronically complete and submit insurance medical reports and related documents to insurers via a flexible workflow that allows more than one individual to touch a case on route to submission

Benefits include:

  • Your own iMeds doctor profile: With your details dynamically populated in the correct location on the relevant forms, saving you time.

  • Immediate payments: For some insurers, once the medical report has been submitted, an automated and immediate payment is made. There is no need to invoice the medical fees department and no need to wait for payment prior to releasing the completed documents.

  • Preferential listing on preferred provider directories: Your details will automatically appear at the top of the list when intermediaries search for providers in your area. iMeds providers are a natural first choice for intermediaries.

  • Active promotion: iMeds providers are actively promoted to intermediaries and consultants working in your area. iMeds providers also benefit from ‘word of mouth’ promotion by intermediaries.

  • No more rework Built-in validation reduces errors and the need for any rework or re-submission.

For Insurance Companies

Benefit from improved integrity of the medical information received. Experience no delays due to incomplete forms, illegible handwriting, or missing documents.

Intermediaries and customers benefit from reduced processing time of up to 8 days. This enables the client to access their cover in a shorter period, bringing peace of mind.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces errors & rework: iMeds checks the completeness and quality of medical information before it can be submitted.

  • Improved payment experience: Payment processes can be triggered as soon as the insurer receives the medical report.

  • Reduces NTUs: Medical reports no longer delay the issuing of contracts.

  • Level 1 BBEEE: Committed to transformation, we rank on the highest level of BBEEE

  • Cost effective: Save time during the underwriting medical process and benefit

  • Paperless and secure: The iMeds point-of-care pathology testing process is the only paperless and fully secure method in the SA market

Trusted by Industry Leading Brands

What our clients say

Dr Marie-Louise Pretorius

Insurance Medical Services

The forms are extremely easy to use, pre-populated and have built-in validation systems so that there aren’t any comebacks on the forms. The relevant information is sent directly to the underwriter which leads to quick processing through the iMeds application.

Joan Cockrell

Old Mutual Travelling Nurse

I have been doing short medicals for the Old Mutual Travelling Nurse service since its inception in 2005. Previously, medicals used to be captured on a notebook which was cumbersome to carry around and at times terribly slow. iMeds can be loaded on a tablet, the tablet is easy to use, from an administrative point of view, the service has become a lot more efficient and reliable and iMeds is definitely the way to go.

Liberty Direct Financial Services

Head of Customer Value Chain

The iMeds application makes the journey for the client better. It is seamless and easy with accuracy and allows for an efficient turn around time. Clients are not required to take paperwork with them, and the results are automatically sent back! The build to integrate this system into ours was just as simple and secure with not one data breach to date. It has been easy to offer our clients a seamless hassle-free solution working with the iMeds team and using the system.

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