What is iMeds?

iMeds is an acronym for “interactive medicals”. It is a free IT solution that enables registered doctors and nurses to securely submit medical reports electronically, directly from the consulting room or place of business to the insurer.

In line with the current move towards a digital and paperless work environment, iMeds was designed to improve the experience of doctors, intermediaries and the client. The system has built-in validation to ensure that forms are completed correctly, before allowing them to be submitted.

The medical information is delivered almost instantly into the hands of the underwriters and medical doctors at the insurance company who can make quicker assessments or call for additional requirements.

iMeds is developed and supported by Chouette, an independent technology company based in Cape Town.


  • Multi-insurer electronic medicals solution
  • Designed for doctors and nurses
  • Suitable for fixed location and mobile use
  • Easy to learn and use interface
  • Reduces processing time and improves productivity and efficiency for all parties

Customer Support

Contact us if you have a question or problem
082 417 4400 or 021 447 4181
We make use of Teamviewer for remote support. Download

Customer Support
Tel: 082 417 4400 or 021 447 4181
Email: support'a'imeds.co.za
We make use of Teamviewer for
remote support. Download

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