iMeds for Nurses

A tablet app has been developed to provide the best possible experience for a travelling nurse. The iMeds Windows Store App has been designed and developed to make use of the touch capability of Windows 8. You will find it in the Windows App Store .


  • Prepare your days cases before leaving home or the office and make use of the tablet app to electronically complete the insurance medical reports while on the go.
  • Work online or offline – As tablets mainly work off 3G connectivity, the application has been designed to work when you are in an area of poor signal and upload cases at a later stage when there is better connectivity.
  • Your nurse profile is stored in iMeds and will be automatically pre populated in the correct place on the forms, saving you time.
  • Capturing errors or omissions are highlighted as you capture so you can correct errors or omissions before leaving the client.
  • Attach a digital ink signature – If required a digital ink signature can be obtained from the client using a stylus and touch screen device.
  • Multiple insurers are catered for in a single application.

Coming Soon! To broaden your device options, IOS and Android apps are currently being developed.


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Customer Support
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We make use of Teamviewer for
remote support. Download

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