iMeds FAQ

1. What insurance companies are supported?
Web version – Old Mutual
Tablet version – AltRisk, Discovery, Liberty, Momentum Old Mutual, PPS
Some forms are better suited to tablet use if, for example a client signature is required.

2. How do I sign up for iMeds?
Call us on 082 417 4400 or 021 447 4181, email or make use of the support form on this site

3. How much does it cost to register for iMeds
Nothing! iMeds is a free service to doctors and nurses.

4. What happens if I have other forms that need to be sent with the medical, such as ECG reports?
The forms available vary depending on the insurer. For some can capture a short medical, standard medical, ECG report, lung function, clinical record and a diabetes questionnaire.
iMeds also has the ability to attach any scanned document that needs to accompany the medical report

5. How does payment work?
This varies from one insurer to the next.
In the case of Old Mutual there is no need to send an invoice as they pay on receipt of the medical report sent via iMeds. ECG and lung function reports are paid once they have been checked and bloods are paid on receipt of the results. Payment is within 2-3 days or same day if you bank with Nedbank.

6. How will I audit the medicals that I have captured
iMeds has a Report Generator function that allows you to draw a report of all the medicals you have submitted for a specific period. A ‘sent’ status indicates that the insurer has received it and payment has been triggered.

7. Who do I contact for support, queries and suggestions?
Contact iMeds support on 021 447 4181 or 082 417 4400 or email

Customer Support

Contact us if you have a question or problem
082 417 4400 or 021 447 4181
We make use of Teamviewer for remote support. Download

Customer Support
Tel: 082 417 4400 or 021 447 4181
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We make use of Teamviewer for
remote support. Download

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